The Benefits of CBD Oil for Dogs

Benefits of CBD for dogs

The CBD industry is booming, and you can see cannabidiol-infused ointments, creams, yogurts, and countless other products advertising innumerable benefits. Some common claims are that CBD treats anxiety in the short-term, as well as treating chronic pain and related conditions in the long-term. Dog lovers have probably noticed the proliferation of CBD dog treats as well, which raises a variety of questions. Is CBD oil safe to give to dogs, and what if any are the benefits of CBD oil for dogs? While it’s hard to give concrete answers, there’s a growing body of evidence indicating that CBD has many benefits for dogs. 

This guide will answer many of your questions. You’ll learn the basic science of how CBD works on animals, the pros and cons of CBD for dogs, and much more.

Why Give My Dog CBD?

Your first question about giving your dog CBD might simply be wondering, “Should I give CBD oil to dogs?” The fascinating, scientific answer is that your dog has an endocannabinoid system, or ECS for short. Humans, cats, rats, and many other animals also have an ECS of their own, and many experts theorize that cannabinoids interact with this system.

Everyone knows that THC produces the high that marijuana is famous for, but CBD has a range of positive medicinal values that scientists still haven’t fully unveiled. Additionally, CBD is completely non-psychoactive and will never produce the high that people are familiar with THC for.

Studies have linked the ECS to mood, appetite, inflammation reduction, seizure treatment, and even cancer treatment in a variety of different animals. The amount of overlap in how CBD might work for dogs and other animals just as well as it does for people is highly interesting. While the science is in its infancy, existing studies indicate that CBD combats stress and anxiety in humans and in rats.

One study took two groups of people with Social Anxiety Disorder and gave one group CBD while the other took a placebo. Scientists found that the group who took CBD felt much greater comfort and confidence during a bout of simulated public speaking, where they outperformed the control group. Another administered CBD to rats experiencing stress, and the rats showed less outward signs of stress while their elevated heart rates returned to normal. 

What Does the Research Say About Giving CBD to Dogs?

While there’s not much research into giving CBD to dogs yet, there is a consensus that CBD isn’t harmful. The only caveat is that the CBD industry isn’t highly regulated yet, so unscrupulous companies might release unsafe products in the name of profit. As a result, it’s necessary to take caution and make sure you’re only buying high-quality products from reputable vendors.

If you’re buying good-quality CBD oil, the only remaining step is to consult your veterinarian about what’s best for your dog. After a quick check-in with them, you’ll be ready to incorporate CBD into your dog’s treatments. Your veterinarian might think that CBD is a suitable supplement to normal treatments, that it could improve your dog’s quality of life alone, or they may decide against it altogether. 

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Benefits of Giving CBD to Dogs

Only a few studies on giving CBD oil to dogs exist, but they’re generally a cause for confidence. There’s some indication that CBD might be a highly effective treatment for seizures, inflammation, and chronic pain in dogs. 

Does CBD Calm Dogs?

Anyone with an anxious rescue or a dog that suffers from high stress during fireworks displays would love to have a simple curative to calm down their pet. Unfortunately, there’s no conclusive evidence that CBD helps calm dogs as of yet. No study has attempted to test or refute the widespread idea that CBD can relieve anxiety in dogs. However, there are many anecdotes about individual pet owners believing that CBD helped their dog with stress and anxiety. 

Can CBD Reduce Seizures in Dogs?

Many dogs suffer from conditions such as epilepsy that cause seizures, and conventional treatments have mixed levels of success in treating them. A promising study provided evidence that CBD oil for dogs might help treat seizures. Two groups of dogs both took normal antiseizure medications over a two week period, but one also took CBD oil. Over a two week period, the group of dogs that took CBD saw a median reduction in seizure frequency of 33%. 

Will CBD Relieve Chronic Pain in Dogs?

While conventional treatments are important to combat the damage that arthritis causes, studies indicate that CBD could go a long way to improve the quality of life for dogs with arthritis. A study on using cannabidiol to treat osteoarthritis in dogs produced several interesting findings, such as the fact the owners reported no negative side effects. The dogs grew much more active and their behavior indicated that their pain levels were much lower than usual. 

How to Give CBD Oil to Dogs Daily

While sublingual administration is popular among people, it can be difficult to get a dog to stay still and let you place a drop of oil below his tongue. The easiest way to give your dog CBD every day is to place it in their food or a treat, which will mask the flavor of the oil.

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